Various sandwiches

Choice of a waldkorn or a ciabatta    
Tuna salad 4,90
Cheese salad 4,90
Young cheese 4,20
Old cheese 4,70
Ham 4,20
Smoked beef sausage (raw beef) 4,90
Smoked chicken 4,90

Diverse tosti’s

Tosti ham / cheese 3,80
Tosti cheese / tomato 3,80
Tosti pesto/ old cheese/tomato 4,50
Tosti Hawaii  (ham / cheese / pineapple) 4,50
Tosti brie / bacon 4,50
Tosti Zeedijk  (Old cheese, chicken, sun dried tomatoes, rocket and pine nuts) 5,50


Various garnished mixed salads with bread    
Salad with smoked salmon 14,50
Salad with smoked chicken 12,50
Salad with tuna 12,50
Salad with goat cheese 12,50


Sandwich Gewaeght  (Focaccia with smoked chicken, tomato, pine nuts and a honey mustard sauce) 8,50
Sandwich Nieuwmarkt  (Turkish bread with egg, bacon, tomato and mayonnaise) 6,50
Ciabatta Caprese  (Ciabatta Caprese Ciabatta with mozzarella, tomato, pesto and fresh basil) 7,50
Waldkorn  (Brown Waldkorn bread with fresh cream cheese, rocket and sundried tomatoes) 7,50
Sandwich Lastage  (Dark bread with warm goat cheese, pecan nuts, honey and salad) 7,50
Van Dobben croquettes  (2 veal croquettes of Van Dobben with bread, butter and mustard)  7,00
Smoked salmon  (Smoked salmon on toast) 10,50


Wrap smoked salmon  (Wrap with smoked salmon, fresh cream cheese, salad, capers and red onion) 10,50
Wrap smoked chicken  (Wrap with smoked chicken, guacamole, peppers and pine nuts) 8,50
Wrap cheese salad (vegetarian)  (Wrap with cheese salad, rocket and sundried tomatoes) 7,50

Dutch pancakes

Plain (with syrup and sugar) 7,50
With ice cream 10,50
With chocolate sauce 8,50
With apple and cinnamon 9,50
With banana 9,00
With strawberries (in season) 10,50
With bacon 9,00
With cheese 9,00
With bacon and cheese 10,50

Sweet treats

Apple pie with cream 3,50
Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (Various flavours) 4,00